Bitcoin Cash (Coinbase Support Prediction) - 7.63185567BTC or $129,742 Profit

Here's to my second biggest trade of my career in terms of $ amount.  On this trade, I actually initiated heavy risk considering I wanted to protect my net worth against BTC's downfall that was caused by Bitcoin Cash.  

The total amount that I'd invested into the Bitcoin Cash play was 10.4 BTC or $170,000. Considering this, the % was almost 70% on my position overnight.  An unbelievable gain.

Earnings: 7.63185567BTC or $129,742 Profit ($17,000/BTC exchange rate)

Below are my Binance Buy Fills

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 5.27.09 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 5.27.15 AM.png

The following are my Binance sells on BCC

TRX (Tronix) - ICO Investment, sold into momentum. 1700% or $172,600 profit

This just so happened to be the biggest trade of my career.  All from an ICO investment.  My thesis that Justin had relations to some pumpers was correct.  Given his claim to be Jack Ma's protege, I doubt that he's limited to Jack Ma for rich connections.  This gave me belief there would be eventual money moving this coin.  To be honest, the play ended up being quite simple, I got greedy and didn't sell on the first leg to 2c, price dropped to 1.5c, then ramped to 3.8c.  Back down to 2.8c, then back to 3.8c where I sold.  Volume and asks were looking very heavy on TRX and I can always reenter.  At this point, I was just happy with the profit I made, and won't be mad if I miss further opportunities.  Below is my recommendation for TRX back during 8/31/2017


Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 7.41.00 AM.png

Here, you can see that I transferred my coins into Binance on 12/17 in an attempt to dump into the open market.  100K test order followed by 4.5m remainder transfer

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 7.31.37 AM.png

Order History:  Dumped at 187 - 190 Satoshis my entire position

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 1.49.02 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 7.56.47 AM.png

11/22 BCC/BTC - Overnight Swing - $7,613.42 Profit

This image includes an overnight hold I did on Bitcoin Cash.  I saw that Bitcoin cash had a very strength spike indicating that one strong entity had decided to start buying into the coin.  I decided to hoe right in after the first initial spike cooled off into a lower level.  Cool enough, the price ended up running while I was asleep and I engaged in multiple scalps as shown below from my Bittrex account, which resulted in a profit of 0.92846579 BTC or $7,613.42 .

BCC to BTC win.PNG

11/23 - TIX/BTC (In and out scalps - lower sized pump) - $3,311.84

about 2800 volume after being up around 230% on the day.  Market cap was initially around $6-$8 Million, and ended around $20-$25M.  I didn't really trust this set up given the lower volume, but the lower market cap helped me make around 0.40388329 BTC or $3,311.84 in profit.  Scaled out early, did not reenter and stayed disciplined throughout the remainder of it's upside move.