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Our Perks

Our Perks

Recognition System

Top Traders and the information that they supply will determine their rank in the chat room through our quality output algorithm!

Rewards Engine

We strongly believe that everyone that is apart of our ecosystem derserves to get paid. We’ve created a system that pays community contributions in Tokens (ENJ, BTC, and CT Tokens)

Learn Together

At CT, our vetted admins are constantly investing their time into helping you learn. We create videos and written content that will help your strategy in the markets and improve your necessary knowledge to succeed.

Profitable Alerts

Receive Crypto Trading Alerts at a 82% win rate, with an average risk of less than 4%, and average win of 22%. Our pros will only announce the best plays they can find in the market – to our team first.

Custom Scanners

Millionaire traders that depend on technical analysis create and constantly modify their best strategies for real-time, high speed outputs that will alert us in the channel of any technical outlier situations. Extremely handy for finding plays before others! We currently have 8 different scanners running at once.